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Specializing in high end residential design in Vero Beach since 1983, I am aware that homes are as individual as my clientele. Brenner & Associates, Architecture, provides professional services throughout all phases of the design and building processes. My program seeks to outline the client's needs and desires in written format, before any design work is attempted. The program also strives to incorporate the natural influences of the particular site including solar orientation, breezes, views, topography and existing structures.

My goal is to integrate the clients modern lifestyle into the traditional styles celebrated in Vero Beach, and surrounding areas. I design modern buildings in traditional or transitional skins. They have strong indoor and outdoor interplay where interiors are drawn outward, and the exterior spaces provide a variety of choices from intimate to grand.

The owner is always encouraged to be as large a part of the process as they want. Incorporating the input from the owners consultants such as Interior Designers and Landscape Architects from the very beginning is also emphasized. Such collaborative efforts, allow the design path to be as successful as possible.

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